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Video Killed the Radio Star, But It Performed CPR On Me!

May 22, 2015

Look, y’all… I don’t know a whole lot about computers.  Like, for example… When I read the word “embed” on the youtubes I thought it must be like a new-fangled kinda bed.  YOU know… ike a iPhone is a new-fangled kinda phone? But my friends Kymm and Kehlee who are cashiers at the store told me that embed is how you make people see videos on your bloggy thing. And I learned it! I learned how to make embeds!  So here is a video playlist I just embedded for all o’ y’all:
These clips harken* back all the way to my MySpace days.

*Empathios learned me that word (harkens). Ain’t it pretty? I think it sounds like angel talk. If ever I do meet a angel Imonna say it a lot.

p.s. I think the History Channel and that nice, Greek man with the big hair and the nice tan are right. I think all the angels are actually ancient astronauts and extra-terrestrials. Lotta folks is a’scared of extra-terrestrials, but I don’t have no problem with ’em. I mean, if other planets got a whole lotta extras they need to git rid of, I don’t see why they cain’t send ’em on down here to Earth. There’s sooooo much room on our planet anyways. [You ever driven through Nebraska? I have (or at least, my two daddys did- they drove a big rig when I was real little and they’d take me with ’em on long hauls). Even though I WAS real little, I was still tall enough to see out the winduhs.] And TRUST me- we got a whole lotta empty space here if other planets got extra critters they need to get rid of.

Besides- it just means more new clients for me! Maybe the missionary position is real exotic to them!

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