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I’m the First Whore in Poverty Hollow to Have Her Own Blog!


Hey y’all. One of my sweetest repeat customers (Algae Bright, who teaches a music business course here in Poverty Hollow at the night school) told me I should start a blog. And look at me, y’all I did it! I could be the 1st whore in Poverty Hollow to have her own blog! Maybe even the 1st in all of Mockingbird County!! So please click on all the little buttons you can to tell people about the 99 Cent Whore, won’t ya? I’m fixing’ to earn enough extra $ to start a scholarship fund for my sister Lorelei’s little boy. He wants to be a pottery maker someday. I told him
“Well, sugar- lotta folks ‘ll discourage you & try to tell you that only lesbians can be potters. But I won’t tell you that. We live in America, so you can be anything you wanna be! If you work real hard, you could even grow up to be the country’s first transgendered, black, lesbian president with a pottery wheel!